New Levels, New Devils: How to Stay Encouraged When Things Get Harder

It’s always a wonderful experience when you’re reaching new heights and achieving new goals. Maybe you got a new job or a salary increase. You might have made a large purchase and bought a new car or house. Maybe you got married or had a baby recently. You might have started a new program at school or graduated. These are all milestones to be proud of, right? Absolutely! Each one is the beginning of a new journey through unchartered territory. With new levels of achievement comes new hurdles to be jumped. This concept gives meaning to the phrase “it’s levels to this shit.” Have you ever noticed that when something new and exciting happens in your life, there’s always a new challenge that presents itself at the same time? I don’t know about you, but that drives me nuts. I know! I know! That’s how life works, but does that make it any less irritating? Hell. No. Honestly, as your life continues to change, the situations, relationships and pretty much everything begins to shift as well.

I often compare “adulting” to trying to put out multiple fires at once or trying to cook 5 different dishes without burning something. For example, if I had to evaluate how well I’m doing, I’d say 2 out of 5 dishes on my stove are already burnt to a crisp. Between having a fulltime career, being a graduate student, running a blog site, being a daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend, plus paying every bill, keeping up with every date, task, appointment, personal care and pop-up disaster…. I’m pretty much insane. I can’t even imagine the madness that people with spouses, children and businesses go through. I’m barely taking care of one, let alone multiple people. On a good day, if I can manage to complete at least 2 things on my long to-do list, without forgetting to turn off the oven, I’ve done what I can do.

 I’ve said all of this to say: The relief we feel when we reach a new height is similar to the excitement we feel when we progress to a new level on Super Mario. That “Whew! I made it” feeling. It’s okay to feel relieved, but we often forget that because we have advanced, we are going to have new challenges to face, new obstacles to overcome and new monsters to defeat. We’re going to have even more to overcome than we did on the last level.

Keep this in mind: what we gain from facing “new devils” is even more rewarding than reaching new heights. We gain new knowledge, new experience and new confidence that we can handle whatever is thrown our way. If you’re feeling defeated or overwhelmed right now, know that this feeling is temporary. Make a serious effort to keep fighting. Press forward, full steam ahead. In the words of my best friend, “All that doesn’t kill you, makes you fat.” This is especially true if you eat your feelings, like me.

How do we fix it, Jas? I’ll tell you, sis. Fix it in your mind that the ONLY way your “new devils” will defeat you is if they kill you. Go forth and conquer knowing that there’s not one battle that you’re fighting alone. Refuse to lie down and die. Don’t give up. If you need a mental break, take one, but don’t quit. See it through. We’re winner, we’re conquerors, and we’re prosperous. So, when you reach that new level you’ve been working so hard to get to and you feel the sigh of relief, take a deep breath, sharpen your weapons and prepare for the new battle ahead. Be ready. Be vigilant. Remain unstoppable.

Until next time, stay beautiful and protect your magic….