4 Must Try Drink Recipes for Summer 17

Before I blogged professionally, I was a bartender. It was a truly magical time in my life. I loved every minute of mixing up drinks, muddling mint and oranges, and pouring up perfection in a cup. Even though I no longer bartend professionally, I still enjoy creating and mixing up drinks for family and friends (or just for me). With summer approaching, I decided to share a few of my yummy but simple recipes. You can make these for girls' night, a family BBQ or date night. These 4 recipes should cater to the taste of men and women alike, and provide delicious spirits and libation for your gatherings all summer '17.  

#1: Classic Margarita

Okay, sis! I know, I know. It seems like every list of drink recipes starts off with a margarita. I'm not going to sit here and act like it's not one of my favorite drinks. The thing that irritates me the most about margaritas is that people use margarita mix. You know what I'm talmbout (that's "talking about" the country way. Ha!) That green stuff in the bottle at Walmart or your local grocery store. That "just add tequila" mess. It's horrible, girl. Absolutely, trash. Don't buy it. Instead, I make my own mix from scratch. I know. It seems like the most, but it's really not. It's quite easy.  

What You Need:  

  • Lemon juice 

  • Lime juice 

  • Orange juice (If you don't like orange juice, you don't have to use it or you can just use a little bit) 

  • Sugar 

  • Hot water 

  • Ice 

  • Tequila (whatever kind floats your boat) 

  • Triple sec (or you can use Cointreau. If you're really feeling fancy, use Grand Marnier!) 

  • Coarse Salt (optional) 

What You Need To Do:  

First, mix 1/3 cup of lemon juice, 1/3 cup of lime juice and 1/3 cup of orange juice. Remember, if you don't like orange juice, try using just a splash of it or getting rid of it all together. After you’ve mixed your juices, mix ¼ cup of sugar with hot water until it has a syrup-like consistency. You don't want it too watery, but you want to make sure all of the sugar has dissolved. Mix the syrup mixture and the juices together. Now, it's time for the liquor! In a shaker or cup, add a shot of tequila and a shot of triple sec over ice. Add in the juice mixture and shake or stir. ( I like mine shaken!) Voila! You have a margarita. You can add salt and a lime to the rim of your glass if you like.  


#2: The Henny Colada

I love Hennessy. I can't help it. It's probably my absolute favorite liquor out of them all, but if you're into sweeter libations, it can be very difficult to drink straight. During the summer, I love making Henny Coladas. It's a frozen drink, so it's perfect for a hot day and very easy to make.  

What You Need:  

  • A blender 

  • Hennessy 

  • Fresh strawberries 

  • Pina colada mix 

  • Ice 

What You Need To Do:  

In your blender, add ice until the pitcher is halfway full. Next, add your Hennessy (the more, the better!) Next, add your fresh strawberries. Make sure you've chopped off the stem and leaves. You can also use frozen strawberries if that works better for you. Lastly, add the pina colada mix. I know I talked bad about the margarita mix in the bottle, but the pina colada mix in the bottle is much better. Use it! Once you've added everything, put the top on your blender and mix, mix, mix! The result should be a pink, icy mixture, resembling a daiquiri or smoothie. Pour yourself up a glass and enjoy! 


#3 The Hummingbird

If you've never had a hummingbird, you're missing out! It's a cute drink but it's also bubbly and refreshing. On top of that, it may be the easiest drink to prepare on this list. Get some cute wine glasses or flutes and your guests will be super impressed (and tipsy!)  

What You Need:  

  • St. Germain Liqueur (You can find this at your local beverage store) 

  • Sparkling wine or champagne 

  • Vodka 

  • Club Soda or Sprite 

  • Ice 

What You Need To Do: 

In a cup or glass, add ice. Next, add a shot of St. Germain (Again, more is better). Next, add a splash of vodka. Top this off with sparkling wine or champagne and a splash of soda. You're done! Serve this up with a mint garnish or lemon wedge. Yum! 


#4 Bourbon Peach Tea 

Sweet Tea and Bourbon are both staples of the south and yet... most of "us" don't drink bourbon. Even though I favor cognac myself, I do recommend experimenting with bourbon and whiskey. This bourbon peach tea is strong, but it's yummy and refreshing. It's easy to make and quite tasty, but you can make it to your taste. It can be sweet enough for the light drinker or stronger for the experienced drinker.  

What You Need: 

  • A blender 

  • Bourbon ( I suggest Bulliet Bourbon, but there are several different kinds you can use that can fit any budget.) 

  • Frozen peaches 

  • Sweet Tea (freshly brewed and not iced) 

  • Lemon 

  • Ice 

What You Need To Do: 

In your blender, add the frozen peaches. Next, pour in a shot of bourbon. Blend the two ingredients together until smooth. Pour the bourbon-peach mixture over a glass of ice. Pour in the sweet tea and squeeze in a little lemon juice. You can add a lemon wheel for garnish. Serve!  

If you're making any of these for a large group, just increase the amounts used to fit what you need. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. If you happen to try them, take pics and share! Tag Liv Magical Blog and let us share in the fun with you and your friends this summer. Enjoy and cheers! 

Until next time, stay beautiful and protect your magic....