Don't Believe the Hype! 3 Reasons You Should Take Social Media Lightly

In a world where social media has just about revolutionized everything, it’s difficult to not be a part of the “wave”. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and everything else. Social media has changed everything from how we get our news, make purchases, and keep up with friends and family to how we brand our ourselves. I use all kinds of social media platforms for business and personal, but there’s one other thing I noticed about social media that really grinds my gears: It’s changed how we view ourselves. Wait! Now, don’t get me wrong. Not everybody is looking at social media and comparing themselves to others. I’d consider myself one of those people. Jas could care less about what the next person is doing, but I can see where people might feel a little defeated, or in some cases, amped up when scrolling through their news feed. Here’s 3 reasons why you shouldn’t believe the hype:

1. Social media accounts are like windows that allow you to peep in on a person’s life, right?

Yes, Jas! Exactly. A chance to see them in a light that they control. Nothing wrong with that. We all have that privilege, but there’s always this point that people miss. The window only gives you part of the story. You’re only seeing what people want you to see. It’s easy to look at someone’s Facebook page and think “Wow! Lisa’s got it all,” or “Damn! Kisha and Jimmy have the perfect relationship,” but that’s not always the case. Social media can act as a mask. You don’t necessarily get to see how hard Lisa worked to have that nice car, house and high paying job. You don’t know first hand how Kisha and Jimmy had to go through a lot to have a better relationship. You only see the finished product. You missed all the hell the person went through to be able to show the finished product. Next thing you know, you’re reposting with #relationshipgoals or #MoneyOverEverything. Enjoy looking through the window, but try not to envy what you see. More importantly, stop making other people’s shit YOUR goals. You don’t know what they had to do to get what they have. What they did might not be what you want to do.

2. In the words of my grandmother, “A lie ain’t nothing to tell!”

Look, I already know. Some of these social media posts will have you thinking you’re doing something wrong. Maybe you’re not working hard enough. Maybe you need to try something different. Maybe you’re not hanging with the right people. Lies, Lies and more LIES! Social media makes it that much easier for people to lie. If we’re being honest, a lot of times, the truth is boring! So people lie. They tell you exactly what they need to tell you to make you believe what they want you to believe. What kind of fool would you feel like if you learned you were critiquing your own life based on someone else’s lie? This happens often. Even outside of social media. It’s not like we can fact check everything people say on social media. So, take everything you see on social media with a grain of salt. Just because it says #TrueShit, doesn’t make it true shit. Just saying…

3. Everything that glitters ain’t gold, sis. Some of that is spray painted metal.

We all have a purpose and social media has the ability to redirect that purpose if you allow it to. Let’s be honest: If we all allowed social media trends to dictate our lives, most of us women would be strippers and instagram models and the men would be rappers and God only knows what else. A lot of your favorite social media accounts are just professional “stunnas”. Not everyone flashing stacks of cash on Facebook is paid. Not everyone on Instagram driving a Benz or Audi is a luxury car OWNER. They’re probably leasing, sis. Not every big booty, small waist chick with slicked down baby hairs is dating Drake. (None of these heauxs are dating Drake!) I could go on for days about the haves and the have nots, but girl…..WHY? Some of it is real. A lot of it isn’t. Nothing is perfect.

Here’s the takeaway of this post: Don’t allow social media to make you look at your own life sideways. Be authentic and live your truth. Don’t, I repeat, DON’T believe the hype. Just continue to document the moments in your life that are worth sharing with the people who are worth watching them play out. It’s just for sharing, y’all. That’s it sis. Just share and do you.

Until next time, stay woke and protect your magic….