10 Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To on iTunes or Soundcloud

Podcasts are the new big thing and my current addiction! A podcast is a series of digital audio files, usually made available on the internet, that closely resemble talk radio. You can often find them on Apple, SoundCloud or YouTube and you can subscribe to your favs. There are several kinds of podcasts that span across several topics. There’s literally a podcast for every type of person. After several inquiries about which podcasts I like, I decided to write a blog posts about a few of my favs. The podcasts on this list have gotten me through some pretty drab work days and I often find myself bursting with laughter, nodding my head in agreement or hitting my dab at my desk. Check out the list and listen to these podcasts at your leisure!

1. The Read- So, let’s be clear: This one is my absolute fav! I love me some Chrissle and Kid Fury! These two body the podcast world every single week and literally have me ugly cackling at my desk. Their show segments include:

  • Black Excellence- where they highlight all the beautiful, black sisters and brothers doing great things.
  • Sick Sad World- where they discuss all the trash we are forced to watch play out in pop culture. (Chris Brown, white America and Tyrese are often repeat offenders. *insert eye roll here*)
  • Listener Letters- where they answer our questions and give their insight and advice on various subjects.
  • The Read- where they go completely TF off on whoever needs it that week. No exceptions!

If you’re a first-time podcast listener, you cannot go wrong with The Read. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get in Formation with Bey and Blue. What you won’t do is regret it. Check out The Read at:



2. The Friend Zone- Dustin, Assante and Hey Fran Hey of The Friend Zone bless us every week with all things mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene because WHO IN THE HELL wants a musty brain? Not me and neither will you after you hear this podcast. These three are literally my BFFs in my head and once a week, we get to the root of it all. You’ll be sure to breakout into a shoulder shuffle at your desk or in your car within the first 5 minutes because Dustin and Assante NEVER disappoint with their freestyle opener of the show. Hey Fran Hey will likely have you all in your feelings with the Hot Button Issue, but turn around have you feeling good in no time with the Wellness Segment. Then, Assante will have you ready to groove with the Music Man Segment, and Dustin will have you ready to laugh out loud when he recaps all our favorite reality TV shows during the TV Land segment. Not only is The Friend Zone podcast full of good laughs, but it also exudes great vibes, self-reflection, and wellness tips. It’s everything you need to be a better version of yourself each time you listen. You’ll likely become addicted. I am, for sure. Check out The Friend Zone at:



3. Lip Service- The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee and her friends GiGi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago sit down with the hottest entertainers and media influencers to discuss the topics that we all love: sex and relationships! They delve right into all the things your favs like to do in the bedroom, answer questions from listeners, and talk relationships in hip hop. They’ve had names like Rick Ross, T.I., Trina and Plies. The list of guests goes on! Once you listen to Lip Service, it’s not abnormal to be ready to jump on top of your partner. Check out Lip Service! You’re likely to learn something new on every episode. Catch up on Lip Service at:



4. Getting’ Grown with Jade and Keia- Praise the Lord, niggas! This podcast is fairly new, but has quickly become one of my favs. Chef Jade and Dr. Keia are everything, do you hear me?! Something like your two big cousins, these two discuss everything you need to hear about growing up, getting yourself together and being grown. They have Kitchen Table Talk, they highlight the achievements of “Team Typing Fast”, they boost you up with the My Sis is Poppin’ segment, and then there's my personal favorite, Petty Peeves! These two ladies are still just trying to get it right and encourage those of us on that same track to being the best grown ass person we can be. You can count on them to keep you motivated to reach that goal and remind you to moisturize, because your black WILL crack, if it’s dry. They're just beyond episode 10, so it should not be difficult to catch up on everything. Give Gettin’ Grown a listen! Check Jade and Keia out at:



5. Black Girl Boss Podcast- This is for the boss chick in you, sis! Tatum and Milan talk all the talk and give all the tips to help you be a better businesswoman and entrepreneur. With a different topic each week, they explore better ways to make your business stand out, pitfalls that entrepreneurs face, juggling a full time job while running your own business, and their personal experiences with their own business. Tatum is the owner of the Queen Academy, a mentoring group for young girls, and she's also the owner of the Queenin’ Group. This is a business strategy group where Tatum helps queens like us get our businesses on track. Milan is the owner and CEO of UManagement, LLC. Her full service PR firm specializes in entertainment. These two young women are awesome entrepreneurs in the DC area and have so much to offer other black girl bosses, so check them out! You can even DM or email them your questions and they'll read and answer them on air. Let Tatum and Milan help you be a better business woman today! Check them out at:


6. Brilliant Idiots- Charlamagne tha God & Andrew Schulz might be the smartest, most brilliant podcast co-hosts out or they might just be complete idiots. It’s totally up to you decide by listening to Brilliant Idiots. They often have guests including Angela Rye, Taxstone, and Malcolm Gladwell to name a few. They discuss pressing topics like politics, sports and entertainment, specifically happenings in the hip hop world. You’ll be sure to get a good laugh from Charlamagne and likely be offended by Andrew. Either way, the podcast is brilliant and will make you think. As a fan of Uncle Charla, it wasn’t a hard decision to make when it came to listening to this podcast. The topics are relevant, the opinions are real, and the debates are heated, but all in the name of brilliant idiocracy (also known as, America). Check out Brilliant Idiots at:



7. Henn and Apple Juice Podcast- Not only is Henn and apple juice one of my favorite beverages, but it’s becoming one of my favorite podcasts, as well. DJ Ace Boon and Fiya Angelou might have the hottest podcast in Atlanta. They discuss random topics and personal experiences.  At the end of the show, there’s a bomb ass music mix that will likely have you bouncing in your seat. It’s a great mix of music, laughs and real shit. They’re even having a day party this weekend, so you might want to give them a listen and then head over to Atlanta and party with the home team. Pour yourself a ice cold glass of Hennessy, top it off with apple juice and plug in your headphones. You won’t be disappointed. Give them listen at:


8. Outchea with Lil Duval- We all know comedian Lil Duval, but did you know he has his own podcast with his gay ass sister Rolanda? Yep. He does and it’s good, too. Duval and Rolanda discuss pop culture topics, sexuality, and tell stories from their childhood in Duval county, Florida. Often times, you’ll hear J-Skeet (The VP of Rich Broke) and many other guests on the show. One thing is certain, you’re going to laugh your whole ass off. You can check out Lil Duval and his gay ass sister Rolanda at:


9. 85 South Show- If you like Wild N Out, you’re going to love the 85 South Show. Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly and Clayton English will have you in tears. Mark my words! The freestyles about titties, the jokes and the stories are all hilarious and unfiltered. It’s a full hour and a half of laughing your ass off. You can usually find episodes that feature Chico Bean and Jess Hilarious. If you need a session of laughter and unfiltered discussion, this is the podcast you need to be listening to. Check out 85 South at:



10. We Bringing Love Back- This podcast is special because it’s a new favorite of mine and I was actually featured as a guest on the show this past week. The We Bringing Love Back Podcast is about three faithful black men trying to bring love back to a generation that’s busy turning up and backing off from love and relationships. Bryson, T-Hill and Demyja discuss topics that are relevant to love and relationships from the perspective of young black men. You can almost always count on a discussion about sports, but the opinions, advice and experiences with love and relationships are golden. It’s real talk and I’m honored to have been a guest on the 5 Love Languages episode. Check it out and let us all know what your love languages are. Catch up on Bringing Love Back Podcast at:



I hope you listen and find a podcast on this list that gives you exactly what you need. Comment and share this post with your friends who might be looking for a podcast to get into and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcasts above.

Until next time, stay beautiful and protect your magic...