My Weekend with Magic City Fashion Week Team

Growing up, I loved playing dress up with my Barbie dolls. I remember going to the dollar store on Saturday mornings with my grandma and buying doll clothes and accessories. I would take my old clothes, cut them up and design little outfits for my dolls, too. That’s where my love for fashion started. I’m not a fashion blogger and I’m certainly not the trendiest girl in the world, but I do love fashion and the creativity that goes behind the look.

tips fortidyingyourcloset.png

The fashion industry has often gotten a bad rep due to tight exclusivity and lack of representation, especially for people of color. What’s more is that people who aspire to be successful in the industry usually have to move to larger cities in pursuit of their dreams. Magic City Fashion Week is breaking the mold and kicking down the door of the fashion industry’s status quo. In terms of exclusivity, the only requirements to be a part of MCFW is a passion for fashion. Founded by fashion designers, Daniel (Splashed by DKG) and Derek Deandre, this platform is all inclusive, opening doors for designers, stylists, artists, models, photographers and bloggers. It’s a safe space for creatives and cool kids, alike. It offers representation across the board, with people of every hue and background and the cherry on top is that it’s right here in our own backyard!

I was honored to meet up with the MCFW team at their Bloggers Night Out and Creatives Brunch events this past weekend. It was awesome being in beautiful spaces with beautiful people gathered for a common goal. There were a lot hugs, handshakes, motivating conversations, advice given and ideas shared. It was certainly the kind of environment that dreamers need to be in to flourish. There was no shortage of love shown or expressed. It became clear to me immediately that MCFW is well on its way to becoming a force in Birmingham, not only because of its success in its first year, but because it’s grounded in community empowerment and improvement. It radiates the idea of looking and feeling good, both inside and out. I’m excited to witness its success and continue to connect with groundbreaking creatives in the Birmingham area.

This year, MCFW will be bringing real magic to the Magic City the week of October 22-27th and it’s going to be a spectacular series of events. If you’re in the Birmingham area, you don’t want to miss it! Not only is it an opportunity to support local businesses and causes, but it’s a great opportunity to come together and see all the amazing talent that the Magic City has to offer. To stay up to date with MCFW, follow them on IG @magiccityfashionweek!

Until next time, stay creative and protect your magic….