Questions Answered! What to Expect from a Goddess x Co Intuitive Tarot Reading

Since I started offering intuitive card readings to the public, I’ve gotten a lot of calls, texts and questions. This blog post covers some of frequently asked questions. I hope it helps you when making a decision on if this is something you would want to try. If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me or inbox me on any social media platform.

Are you psychic?

The short answer is no. I’m not psychic. I’m intuitive and so are you. My intuition gets clouded just like yours. Reading tarot cards gives me a visual to go along with what I’m already feeling. It’s all symbolism and when it comes to intuition, everything around us is a symbol or has some sort of meaning. Numbers, letters, pictures, the sun, the moon, horoscopes and the stars are all things that can symbolize something in our lives. I just like to give my own interpretation of the symbols.

Is this fortune telling/ telling the future?

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Blacksolutely not. While tarot card readings are generally forward-looking, I can’t tell you if you should break up with him, who your future husband is, what winning lottery ticket numbers or how old you will be when you die. My tarot readings are strictly for personal guidance and insight. I can help you in regards to habits, choices and self motivation. This is about improving and embracing yourself on whatever journey your life is on at this current time.

Can a tarot reading predict death or something bad happening?

No, sis. I know y’all saw Carmen: A Hip-Hopera, but that’s not how it works. There are no good or bad cards per say. Some cards have a tendency to read us down for filth pertaining to our good and bad choices/habits, but they each offer hope, insight and advice.

Are tarot cards/readings the devil or satanic?

No ma’am. (I luh God. Yoon luh God? What’s wrong witchu?) LOL! Tarot cards have been around for centuries. Today, there are thousands of different decks and platforms. I pray before each reading and ask God for guidance on what the person I’m reading for should know. So if you get a reading with me, you are not violating your religious beliefs in any way. My intentions are set around positive outcomes. I will say, much like anything else, you should practice discernment when choosing a reader. Only go through with it if the reader’s energy seems on point with your value system. If it doesn’t seem natural or comfortable, don’t do it.

How often should I get readings?

As often as you like. There are plenty of talented tarot readers out there, but since I’m working to grow my experience, the plan is to keep my prices low & reasonable depending on the demand. I enjoy doing this and researching it, so I want to be fun and affordable.

How long have you been reading tarot cards?

I’ve been reading for a year and some change. It’s coming up quickly on 2 years. I started doing for myself and branched out to doing for friends shortly after. I’ve been getting readings from trusted readers for years though. A close friend of mine would read for me monthly and it really helped me.

How can I schedule a reading?

You can check out my website and see what offerings are available on the Goddess X Co page. You can book through my site, but for cheaper options/discounts, inbox me to see what’s available. I even do some free readings, so follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to stay in the know. I accept payment through CashApp ($goddessxco), Messenger Pay, Venmo, Paypal and Apple Pay.